Renewable Energy Alternatives


We specialize in the design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of solar and wind arrays. From day one, we make going solar easy. Our full time staff is trained to guarantee that you receive the best grants and incentives for your system.

We craft a system specifically designed for your needs and our in-house installation team ensures that your project is efficient and structurally secure. Our bi-annual inspections certify that your system is working properly. You can rest assured that with REA, you get the best solar or wind arrays possible.


25.3 kW 9 kW 42 kW 125.5 kW
1.5 kW 35 kW 5 kW 6.25 kW
5 kW 6 kW 10 kW 10 kW
10 kW 14 kW 1 kW Wind/Solar Hybrid