Renewable Energy Alternatives

CommercialSolar - WhyNow?

Solar energy is a smart choice for your business and NOW is the best time to go solar. There are currently 5 incentives for commercial projects:

30% Federal Tax Credit
30% of the ENTIRE system cost can be claimed as a credit on your taxes. This is a dollar for dollar savings on what you owe federal, so it’s even better than a simple deduction. If you don’t use the entire amount this year, the credit may be stretched out through 2016.

Up to $10,000 State Rebate
When was the last time the Illinois wrote YOU a check? State grant money is limited, so act fast!

Accelerated Depreciation
MACRS is a federal initiative that allows businesses to write of 85% of the system costs on your income over the first 5 years the array is producing power.

Bonus Depreciation
In the first year of ownership, write off almost 50% of the system costs on your income! This program ends January 1, 2013!

SREC Income
How would you like it if Com-Ed started giving YOU money? A Solar Renewable Energy Credit means that you help provide green energy to utility companies in the region... and they pay you! Each yearr you could be earning 5-15 credits, earning you HUNDREDS of dollars annually, even if you don’t over produce!