Renewable Energy Alternatives

ResidentialSolar - WhyNow?

Right NOW is the best time to go solar and save. With three incentive programs available to Illinois residents, solar may never be this affordable again!

30% Federal Tax Credit
30% of the ENTIRE system cost can be claimed as a credit on your taxes. This is a dollar for dollar savings on what you owe federal, so it’s even better than a simple deduction. If you don’t use the entire amount this year, the credit may be stretched out through 2016.

Up to 25% State Rebate
When was the last time the Illinois wrote YOU a check? State grant money is limited, so act fast!

SREC Income
How would you like it if Com-Ed started giving YOU money? A Solar Renewable Energy Credit means that you help provide green energy to utility companies in the region… and they pay you! Each year you could be earning 5-15 credits, earning you HUNDREDS of dollars annually, even if you don’t over produce!

REA has full time grant writing specialists to navigate all paperwork for you with no guess work on your part. These rebates are limited, so call today!